In Deep and Troubled Waters by Dr. Tony Large
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Peter Smith reviewed a book titled “In Deep and Troubled Waters” an autobiography by Dr. Tony Large: the best way to describe the book is that it is a good read with many photos illustrating it.

“Born and brought up in Durban , South Africa , Tony Large wrote these personal recollections of events in the Indian and later, the Atlantic Oceans during the Second World War.

He was then a volunteer Able Seaman in the British Royal Navy. He owes his life, after the sinking of HMS CORNWELL in April 1942 to the moral courage of Admiral Sir James Somerville, who ordered an attempt to be made to rescue the survivors of the sinking.

In September of the same year, after surviving the sinking of the Troopship LACONIA, he was saved again, this time by the chivalry of the German U-Boat Captain and the Commander of an Italian submarine: Korvettenkapitan Werner Hartenstein and LCDR Marco Revedin.

The LACONIA incident has now become famous, but this is the first book-length account of the episode to be written by a survivor and, although it is written from a personal perspective, it presents the results of new research which is powerful read and preserves not only a record of both extraordinary wartime courage, but also of generous chivalry between enemies.

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